About us

  • Selección IT is a SELECTION company of engineers and technicians. Our name clearly shows who we are and what we do.
  • We don’t believe in technology by technology, but in the technology that people do and apply to the development of the society.
  • We are just dedicated to new technology:
    • Computing
    • Telecommunications
    • Renewable energy
    • Application of technology to industry.

What we do?

  • If you are candidate: we advise you the job that more fits you according to your professional and personal characteristics and meet leading companies both nationally and internationally. We want to help you in your professional and personal development.
  • If you are client: we help you to find the best people with high professional qualifications and great human qualities that fit in the culture of your company helping you to achieve your goals.
  • We don't perform subcontracting or body-shopping.

How we do it?

  • If you are candidate: we help you to find a suitable job for you, what do matters to us are your knowledge, experience, and what you want to do both in your professional life and your personal one. We don’t perform aptitude tests. You can be interviewed wherever you are by webcam.
  • If you are company: trust in our experience and we will be helping you to assemble teams of people (in the entirety extension of the word) of high performance.
  • We study, in each case, the position in all its dimensions, both from the point of view of the candidate as from the company: responsibilities, capabilities, skills and most appropriate wages/salaries.