Equality Tailor-made Acceptable risks Chemistry Common sense Excellence Daily work

As important is for us a client as the person who sends us his/her C.V. trusting us his/her development and professional future.


We always treat with "people" why handling each request from a client and every application form we receive in an individualized way.

Acceptable risks

When someone changes of work must be aware that voluntarily assumes a risk, we try to minimize these risks by advising both the company and the candidate for the post.


We get each candidate’s knowledge, experience and above all, what he/she wants to do in the future and his/hers development capabilities. We detect his/hers personal characteristics and analyze if candidate is going “to have chemistry" with the company and its close working environment.

Common sense

When dealing with “persons” there are no rules, everyone is a world, so we don’t try to “force situations”. Our working methods are very structured and experienced which give us enough indicative parameters of whether a person is technically qualified to develop his/her work, but we also apply our experience and intuition to check if he/she will fit into the organization.


We are independent professionals and therefore our continuity depends directly on the success of every day of every one of us, so we always look for excellence in our work, that is our life insurance. Our referrals are our candidates and our clients who can reference one to each other being our best contact network.

Daily work

One can be visionary, but if it he/she doesn’t work, the success chances are very limited, we believe in work well done and continued, as well as in taking advantage of the good ideas that, once implemented, give us the necessary portion of daily success.



Working together with our candidates and our clients in order to be capable of creating working groups, that together can get results providing benefits and competitive advantages to the company within a human environment, allowing the employees not only to develop themselves professionally but also to reconcile their professional lives with their social one.


We believe in the development of people as a whole, both professional and personal framed within companies that understand "persons" as the most important asset of the company. We want to see companies that show off about their persons and that these persons are also proud to be part of your group.

We believe in a circle of loyalty: shareholders, clients, employees. We are deeply convinced that if they are in the same circle and are fighting for the same reason, the company is "doomed" to success: clients will have a high degree of satisfaction, shareholders will receive their reward and employees will develop their professional and personal lives in an harmonic way.

Ethics’ code

Confidentiality of candidate’s data: unless a company is really interested in a candidate and he/she accepts the company’s requirements, no personal information of the candidate is provided.

Total transparency: from the first moment the candidate knows enough of the post and company’s data. There are no surprises, and if a candidate is going to an interview, is because he/she does really have good chances of getting the post.

Equal opportunities: our selection system is based on the equality of opportunity for all candidates who apply for a post.