Services & Activities

Who are our clients?

Either technology companies or other sectors needing to incorporate proffesionals from the Technology field.

Which is our main activity?

Our main activity is SELECTION OF PERSONS.
For this purpose we have a database of candidates continuously updated.

CV's sources

  • Internet sites
  • Direct searching
  • Networking
  • References from our own candidates
  • Internal database
  • Social nets
  • Spontaneous applications
  • Training centres: Universities, Business schools
  • Outplacement companies

What kind of profiles we look for?

  • Computing
  • Telecommunication
  • Renewable energy
  • New technology

What kind of posts we do select?

  • Technicians: development, production, Communication systems
  • Management and managers (JPs, Managers, Advisors)
  • Interaction and Business (sales, purchases, marketing,…)

Working model for candidates

We focus on:
  • Technical qualifications
  • Human and relationship aptitudes
  • Specific language tests

Working model for clients

  • We work in based on success models

What do we look for?

  • Shared success and full satisfaction for all parties.

Other services:

  • Employees’ satisfaction survey
  • Performance Management system
  • Posts assessment
  • Training
  • 360º evaluation
  • Identification of potential
  • Management of change